Center for Nanotechnology, NIU


  Nanotechnology is an important field of industrial development in the 21st century.  Since the nanotechnology is expected to have a substantial impact on the world’s economy, it has already been listed as a critical technological development topic in Taiwan as well as the developed and developing countries.  Nanotechnology is a specialized but extensive research field.  Interdisciplinary talents and experts must be incorporated to promote the education and research on nanotechnology.

  To promote the nanotechnology research, advance popular science education of nanotechnology, and achieve academic innovation as well as technology industrialization,
National IlanUniversity coordinated the resources of colleagues, and established the Center for Nanotechnology (CNT) on October 13, 2009.  In order to integrate more research personnel with diverse specialties, and to effectively utilize the academic resources, three divisions, including Nanotech Research and Development Division, Nanotech Continuing Education Division, and Nanotech Industries Assistance Division, were founded in CNT.  These divisions will facilitate the students’ incubation and faculty’s professional development in emerging science and technology.

There are four special Nanotechnology Laboratories established in CNT--

Ø            Nanomaterials Technology Lab

Ø            Environmental Nanotechnology Lab

Ø            Nano-inspection Lab

Ø            Nanocomposites and Electro-Mechanical Technology Lab

These Nanotechnology Laboratories provide diverse technologies and instruments in various fields to satisfy the faculty and students requirement.  We operate as an open facility available for users from both academia and industry in order to strengthen basic research and industrial development education of nano-science and technology.  In addition, the Nanotech Life Exhibit has been established to promote the popular nano-science education by featuring the basic nanotechnology knowledge and products.

NIU coordinated the strategy alliances, including Ilan county government, AletheiaUniversity, Lan Yang institute of technology, Ilan senior high school, and so on.  We will also integrate the nanotechnology experts as well as the professional teachers and students to disseminate nanotechnology information to Ilan populace.  The dissemination approaches include popular science lecture series, network broadcast, communication art series, articles news, participation series, and extension education curriculum.  Hopefully, it will stimulate populace interests to learn the nanotechnology and then understand how the nanotechnology applies in their livelihood through aforementioned education opportunities. 




1. Assisting faculty with the applications for grants and integrating research resources to promote the nanotechnology research programs.

2. Providing the nanotechnology and related policy consultation.

3. Seeking industrial cooperation, and promoting the nanotechnology fields of application.

4. Serving as a liaison between faculty and local industries.

5. Providing training courses.

6. Assisting the intellectual property application.

7. Other related service.

1. Integrating research resources and faculties to promote the research programs regarding the nanotechnology.

2. Intrgrating academia resources to gain the industrial-academia cooperation, and to promote the nanotechnology education.

3. Endeavoring the nano-science and technology to extend international academic exchanges and collaborative programs.

4. Promoting nano-technology human resource incubation and popular science education popularization in Ilan.


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